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Candles delivery by order

Evricom candles

For more than 20 years Evricom Ltd, Stara Zagora, Bulgaria has specialized in the manufacture of candles, the production of wax blends and the supply of waxes. Currently Evricom Ltd is a leader on the Bulgarian market and is one of the biggest companies in this sector on the Balkans.

We manufacture household and ritual candles, handmade rustic and smooth candles,anti-mosquito and garden candles, aroma candles in glass containers and more. Nearly 90% of our production is intended for our clients in Germany, The Netherlands, Italy, Sweden and England.

Our clients prefer to work with us mainly because of the following reasons:

  1. Possibility to manufacture candles in accordance with customers’ design and their own brand /or under “Private label”/;
  2. High quality of our products. The raw materials we use are supplied by renowned producers and comply with the European standards for quality, including the RAL quality mark;
  3. Strict respect of the confirmed delivery terms;
  4. Competitive prices;

We produce and deliver after specifying the design, sizes, colours, fragrances, type of packaging and approved samples by customers.

You can browse our custom candles catalogue HERE.

Evricom Candles catalogue


For more information and orders, contact our team:


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28 Knyaz Alexander Battenberg Blvd., Stara Zagora 6000, Bulgaria
tel. +359 42 692900, 630828, fax +359 42 649088
e-mail: office(at)

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