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Evricom Ltd. manufactures high quality candles using refined paraffin, palm and bees wax. We began in 2000 with modern technological line by drawing method.

Currently the company owns 3 candle machines:

  • drawing machine
  • extruder
  • line for container filling

We produce household and ritual candles with diameter of 4 to 35 mm and length up to1 meter. With the line for container filling we manufacture indoor and outdoor candles in terracotta, aluminium, metal and glass containers. The total manufacturing capacity for machine made candles is 6 tons for 24 hours and it is 1000 pieces per hour for the containers line pro.

In 2004 we launched a new manufacturing facility for manual decorative candles with a capacity of approximately 100 000 pieces per month. For our candles we use only raw materials, produced by world-famous companies, corresponding to all health and safety requirements. To help our clients, we can offer them a developed by us design of the candles and its package.

We can also produce them by the client’s choice. Our products are well known on the Bulgarian market by “Light club” trade-mark and we also successfully cooperate with clients from Europe on “private label” basis.

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28 Knyaz Alexander Battenberg Blvd., Stara Zagora 6000, Bulgaria
tel. +359 42 692900, 630828, fax +359 42 649088
e-mail: office(at)

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